Ivan – a Russia-born young programmer from London started circumnavigating the world in July 2018.  He flew to Moscow, then spent 48 hours on train going East. Hitchhiked 3500 kilometers, took a train again and then a ferry across an icebound sea to the island of Sakhalin where he was born. He followed down South to Japan, flew across the Pacific to Hawaii and from there to San Francisco. Spent a few weeks here and there in California then moved to New Orleans where we’ve met. In the middle of December he’s going to New York City for about two weeks, and he will return to London  just before Christmas.
Back on the road!! After 10 days in New Orleans I’m finally moving West. Mississippi River Trail
I met Jiri right at the end of his fourteenth grand bike tour.  He cycles around the world and his cycling adventure has taken him through six continents. Right now he is completing his  U.S. National Parks route which he started in Boise, Idaho 3 months ago. Jiri inspired me to take a more quiet and attractive route between New Orleans and Houston. Thank you! www.kolemkolem.cz

December 1, 2018

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