Saturday is a working day.
For the great place to relax after hard work, go to The Tchoup Yard at 405 Third Street in Irish Channel. The food is awesome and the portions are huge. Oh, and my new friend and former shackmate Tom works there;).
Alex saw me riding my touring bike near French Quarter and waved me down to ask about route recommendations. He lives in Quebec, Canada. In September he started a bike journey around the United States – he biked all the way down from Vancouver to San Diego in California and now he follows the Southern Tier Bike Route to St. Augustine, Florida. From there, he is going to bike up as far north as weather permits, maybe even to Washington, DC. He does not have a GPS, no computer, not even a cellphone. All he has is a set of printed maps so he asks people about routes, hostels etc. Brave man. He recommended that I should try to avoid 8500 ft mountain pass in New Mexico for my December ride – he was there a few weeks ago and the weather was brutal “even for a Canadian”.
Louis Armstrong Park, New Orleans.

November 24, 2018

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